The Moxie series debuts with live performances from Linda Sundblad, Patrik Jean and 7 Billion Hera. Secure your place in the 50 person audience to get your live entertainment fix and be part of generating Moxie by supporting artists, and the live culture scene. Linda Sundblad is a solo dance-pop artist. She became a national music and fashion icon while fronting the rock group Lambretta. She’s also written and performed songs for numerous television shows and commercials. Patrik Jean is an artist and songwriter from Stockholm. Previously he wrote and produced two Swedish Idol winning songs, and now you can hear him perform songs from his debut EP packed - a work of art that's packed with honest and emotional stories. 7 Billion Hera embodies a soulful and expressive voice reminiscent of Janet Jackson, Madonna and Prince yet finds its own nuance with an unplaceable accent. For the last years 7 Billion Hera has played in both Europe and USA while recording and writing original music. Moxie is an arts and culture festival series, founded during the Covid-19 pandemic, to reinvigorate the live events scene in Sweden. Our goal is to find safe solutions that give people the cultural experiences they’ve been missing, boosting and supporting their mental wellbeing. Simultaneously, the event series supports the professionals working in the industry, no matter which part of the ecosystem they operate in.